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The Sureda Apartments situated only 3 min. away from Canyamel beach, perfect place to discover noth – east of Mallorca. From our apartments you can discover Arta caves or prehistoric settlement Claper des Gegant.We are as well situated next to the Golf camp of Canyamel and the Canyamel Tower.If you search other beautiful beaches, visit Cala Ratjada, Acala Agulla or Cala Mesquida. On the following page we offer to you more information about some interesting points near to Canyamel:

Coves D'Artá


During your stay at the Apartamentos Sureda you can organize a guided tour of the caves of Arta that are just above Canyamel.

A unique experience through its multiple rooms that will invite you to travel through time. In the Hall of the Columns you will find a 22 m high stalagmite, sound and light shows in the Hell Room or in the Hall of the Bells you can hear the curious sound produced by the stalactites.

Nature Park Llevant


In the immediate vicinity of the Apartamentos Sureda you can enjoy both the sea and the mountains during your holiday in Canyamel.

The Natural Park of Llevant is perfect to organize a day of hiking through its routes and trails. It has several peaks such as Puig Morei, Puig des Porrassar or Puig de sa Tudossa. Also of great interest are the nature reserves of Cap de Ferrutx and Cap des Freu where you can enjoy nature.

Torre de Canyamel


The Sureda Apartments are also an opportunity for cultural tourism in Mallorca. In Canyamel you will find the Torre de Canyamel which was built as

a defense tower and is currently a museum and exhibition center. It has three floors where you can take a tour of the history of the monument, see handicrafts such as ceramics or warlike furniture, as well as an incredible panoramic view of the Canyamel Valley.

Castillo de Capdepera



From the Sureda Apartments we are proud to promote the main heritage, cultural and tourist attractions of the area

one of them is the obligatory visit to the Capdepera Castle that is to the northeast of Mallorca and that offers incredible views of the Mallorcan coast. Its historical importance resides in that here was signed the Treat of Capdepera by which the conquest of Menorca was carried out thanks to a visual deception.

Wildlife Reservation Of Llevant


The wildlife reservation of Llevant reserve is located between Cala Mata and Cap des Freu and offers up to 900 species of fish…

molluscs and seaweed. The rock and sand bottoms offer a great marine biodiversity and a whole show of color and life. Fishing with few exceptions, is prohibited in this area to preserve marine and fishery resources. It is also a very famous space among professional divers.

Talayot Es Claper Des Gegant


On a tiny road near the Canyamel golf course you will find one of the most important and best preserved archaeological sites

in Mallorca: Talayot “Es Claper des Gegant”. The talayots are the most typical constructions of the Prehistoric Majorca and its construction had several purposes: vigilance, places of meeting or control of the territory. It is an opportunity to know the past of Mallorca through the ruins of this village.

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